The 3 Best & Worst Projects For Your Homes Resale Value

Spring is finally in the air! This means homeowners are beginning to feel the urge to list. There are several helpful tips to follow when staging your home, and I love helping my clients with this process! However, to hold onto our potential buyer’s eyes & influence their pocketbooks, upgrades will always be our best bet.

Here’s my list of top projects to tackle, and a few you should probably avoid when deciding on which renovations are right for your home.


Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels tend to mean a lot of usable upgrades, which buyers love! This remains one of the top projects you can tackle to bring up the value of your home. This kind of renovation can recoup an average of 80% of the cost through increased value! With those numbers in mind, I would recommend this as your first big project before listing (if needed). 

Fireplace Renovation

Again and again, we see people’s love of fireplaces shine through. Fixing up your current fireplace or adding a gas fireplace to your living room will for sure increase the value of your home to buyers.

Front Door Replacement

A new front door is equal to a 90% resale value! Why? Because a new door is immediately visible to buyers. Curb appeal is a real thing, and an important tool to utilize when selling your home. Tip: don’t forget to mow your lawn. 


Backyard Patio Renovation

Patios aren’t something that normally deters buyers.  In most cases, less than half the costs would be recouped from a patio reno. I would suggest some affordable & simple staging to make this a more pleasant space.

(Unnecessary) Bathroom Addition

This one I say with caution because bathrooms can add amazing value to your home! In the same breath, adding unnecessary bathrooms can be expensive and won’t entice buyers further. It’s important to know the demographic you are selling to and determine if this additional will actually bring in more return dollars.

Sunroom Addition

Careful design, proper insulation, maintenance, and money go into a well-made Sunroom. Most potential buyers won’t be enchanted by this addition and it may leave them undervaluing the money you spent on this project. 

My goal as a realtor is to represent my clients with excellence. Please let me know if I can help you further. Together, we can get the best resale value for your home!


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