Home Wishlist With A Covid Twist

Another lockdown is upon us. I know that for many this is an incredibly hard time. We are missing friends, family, and the simple things in life like sharing meals with those we love. On a more positive note, Covid has been a great tool for showing us what’s important in life and challenging the busy nature that once propelled our everyday life. As a realtor, I see how this reflection of what’s important has even influenced what kind of home buyers are looking for. Here are the top three requests on our buyer’s lists over this past year

Backyard Space

Buyers have been all about the backyard space this past year. Bigger lawns, swimming pools, and room for fire pits have been at the top of the list. Why? Because if you’re stuck at home you better be able to enjoy it. Travel has been limited so why not create a paradise to enjoy a few steps away.

Home Office

Done are the days of long commutes. Families and employers have learned to value the “work from home” option over this past year. Fewer travel costs, better work/life balance, and more access to those you love most. The negative comments we have heard from those forced to work from home were mostly from those who didn’t have a home office. It’s no surprise this hits the top three requests after a year of making space work.

Laundry Room

This is a request that has increased over the years. It has especially gone up this past year! But why? Well, people have been forced to use their spare room for more than a laundry stache. It’s now an office space or in-law suite for the extended family. Forcing the mountains of clothing normally hidden to find a new home. So where do the piles of laundry go? People are saying no dingy basement laundry areas. They want class, design, and functional space. If you’re going to be in a space often, you want to be able to enjoy it!

Friends, please take heart. Covid won’t last forever. Summer is just around the corner. Try to enjoy slowing down and spending time with your family as much as you can. Our homes are a place of love and support. Of growing together and making memories. May we lean into the special everyday moments around us.

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