Undefeated Tips For Buying In A Competitive Market

Cue the Rocky theme music for this blog. I’m ready to fight for the house of your dreams! Believe it or not, buying a home in a competitive market actually does have some things in common with boxing. As Mike Tyson would say: “Everyone has a plan until they’re punched in the face.” Boy does that ring true in this market!

Here are my undefeated tips for ducking blows, and landing your forever home:


Don’t waste time looking at homes without having your finances figured out. You’ll end up being disappointed when you lose out on home you love to another buyer that better understood buying 101.


Am I bias? Well of course! I know the value I bring to my buyers. Find someone hard working in your corner that has the knowledge and savvy to figure out the details professionally for the biggest purchase of your life. You will never regret a good agent.

TIP 3 –  GET IN THE KNOW AND MOVE FAST  (AKA float like a butterfly, sting like a bee)

You are going to have to be ready to make a big decision fast! If you see a house you want, you need to move fast and make an offer. Not good with quick decisions? Then a competitive market will not be your friend. This kind of atmosphere demands buyers to know what they want and move in for it.

If you’re like most people you probably won’t love buying in a competitive market. It can be stressful, disappointing, and frustrating. Thankfully, what we work hard to obtain we tend to value more. Getting into your home after fighting so hard comes with the greatest feeling of accomplishment. You can do it! I’d love to be the coach in your corner and help lead you to victory. We can start anytime.

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