How To Sell Your First Home

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There is so much information out there on how to buy your first home. But what about when you are ready to move past that started home and into your forever home. Where’s that information location? If you’re asking questions like this, this month’s blog is for you! Below I’ve included several tips to ensure you find success in this new adventure and ultimately find your forever home.

Tip One: Talk to Your current Mortgage Lender

If you need to break your current mortgage agreement to sell your home, please call your bank or lender who currently holds your mortgage and ask information about the process. Things like Penalties may arise and will be good to understand– knowing what penalties you’ll have to pay if you must break your mortgage early will be very helpful to budgeting.

Tip Two: Get to know the Market

You’ll want to start the process by getting an understanding of the real estate market.

  • How much do homes like yours sell for?
  • How long do they usually take to sell?
  • Have interest rates changed recently?

There are many great online resources to help you understand the current market conditions (including this website and blog.)

Tip Three: Research Real Estate Agents

Being a first-time seller can be stressful, and it helps if you’ve got an experienced Real Estate Agent by your side. Here’s how you should be researching:

  • Ask your friends. There’s nothing like having first-hand knowledge about an agent’s services.
  • Search online. Before you schedule any appointments, take the time to visit the agent’s website. It’s a great reflection of the kind of marketing you can expect when they sell your home.
  • Read Agent reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and so on.

Tip Four: Hire a Real Estate Agent experienced with assisting first-time sellers

Don’t be afraid to interview your agent!  Make sure to ask about:

  • Their experience and expertise.
  • Their track record with helping first-time sellers.
  • Any staging services they provide or recommend.
  • How they market a home online and offline.
  • Commission rates.
  • References.
  • If you’re also buying: what’s their experience in your new target neighbourhood?

At the end of the day, please remember, you get what you pay for. The Real Estate Agent you choose to hire will impact how much you sell your home for and how much experience you gain as a seller. Once you sell your first home, I promise it will get easier. And as always, if you would like to know more about selling your home, I’m ready to help you succeed.


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