Is Your Home Ready To Meet The Market?

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Are you thinking of listing your home in 2024? If so, you are probably also thinking about the long “to-do” list that needs to be tackled before showing your house. But here’s the thing: certain things must be done, and other things can wait. Knowing which projects are worth tackling and what to leave as-is is essential. I am here to help you prioritize the significant stuff with the following recommendations, ensuring that potential buyers give you the outstanding offer you deserve.

Here are my top five things you need to do to ensure your house is ready:

1. Purge Clutter & Clean

I can guarantee you have acquired stuff if you have lived in your home for any time, particularly if you have a family. Kids have so much more stuff nowadays! When a potential buyer enters your home, they want to see a space that looks full of potential and has been well cared for. We never forget the houses we walk into that need a good cleaning…We can easily create a clean and organized environment for our potential buyers to experience. One filled with possibility. This is key to a future offer!

2. Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal truly sells houses. It is such an easy thing to tackle, especially on a budget. Simply put, adding a few potted flowers outside your front door, touching up the door paint, or mowing your front lawn goes a long way to potential buyers. Showing up to view a house with a messy front yard starts the tour off on the wrong foot, and who wants that when it is so avoidable.

3. Make Necessary Repairs

These repairs range from a loose railing, crooked cupboard doors, touching up the paint job, etc. They do not have to be significant fixes; they are more like things that show the house is cared for. Potential buyers want to feel like the house was cared for and that the previous owners were intentional in how they did the upkeep. This gives off confidence and stability.

4. Change The Lights

I cannot tell you how many times I have brought potential buyers to see a house, and when we go to turn the lights on on the front porch, nothing happens… It might seem like a minor issue, but to people who have come to SEE your house, lighting helps them visualize the space clearly. We do not want to do anything to discourage a buyer from seeing themselves in your home. Lighting is key! Tip: Natural light is essential to potential buyers. Open your curtains for viewings! Also, changing out lighting can be a cheap and impactful way to get your house viewer ready. On a budget? Ikea has some great and affordable options.

5. Depersonalize Your Space

If you plan to sell your house, it’s time to depersonalize. The goal is for potential buyers to see themselves in your home, not you. Things that are too personal can stop this from happening. Help them see themselves in your space by choosing neutral and tasteful art vs family pictures. Think less is more when preparing your home for others to enjoy it.

Want to customize this plan for yourself? Give me a call today! I will meet you in person and help you create a plan that gets you ready to list your home. Your success is my utmost goal.

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